Jul / 01 / 2016
New Release: Bauhaus, Matka, Yukon

Four Families is pleased to announce that we have officially released our 300cm wide width trilogy! Continue reading

Blog Hero bauhaus matka yukon 2
Blog Hero bauhaus matka yukon
By: admin - Updated on: September 19, 2016

What an exciting time! After a great reception at our soft launch event, Four Families is pleased to announce that we have officially released our 300cm wide width trilogy: Bauhaus, Matka, and Yukon!

(all good things come in threes)


BAUHAUS – A Weave Like No Other
Once upon a time, a weaving teacher (who happened to be our head designer) was trialling new patterns on her antique hand weaving loom. The Bauhaus concept was there and has evolved into the fabric you see today. It is now a proud addition to our collection of blockout fabrics. Available in 6 colours.

MatkaMATKA – Peak of Sophistication

Synonymous with delicate weaving and silk, Matka was designed with the aim to create a more structured and refined broken ottoman style. The colours are safe, one might say, but place any of them next to your favorite item in your home, and it is guaranteed to coordinate beautifully. Available in 6 colours.


YukonYUKON – Innovative depth
Naming a blind fabric after a region in Canada is unusual, but we think it’s fitting. Yukon is close to Alaska, and the raw look of the pattern we used and the natural feel that it creates certainly shows some similarities with its namesake. Similarly to most of our designs, we have chosen a dyed yarn to provide more depth and contrast in the fabric colours. Available in 5 colours.


You can find out more about our new products through the product pages for Bauhaus , Matka and Yukon. Alternatively contact our reps to see our products, or contact customer service to order a sample, hot off the press!

All products have Colourwise Guides available online for web-view and print.
Stay tuned for our feature in WFA (Window Furnishings Australia) Magazine, and more exciting news headed your way!