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Oct / 13 / 2017
Sheerly Beloved Tile

St Lucia is one of our best sellers all year around. When you begin to uncover the multitude of benefits of a sheer blind, it’s no wonder that people love St Lucia.

Sep / 19 / 2016

Did you know that Resene Origin is available in 127mm for vertical blinds? Continue reading

Jul / 01 / 2016
Blog Hero bauhaus matka yukon 2

Four Families is pleased to announce that we have officially released our 300cm wide width trilogy! Continue reading

Jun / 30 / 2016

Nothing brings out energy more than a collaboration: Of people, of ideas, of industries, and finally, of brands! Continue reading

Jun / 23 / 2016

We recently exhibitied at the BMAA SuperExpo on the sunny Gold Coast. Continue reading

Jun / 02 / 2016

Looking for a great curtain and blind combination? Continue reading

Mar / 07 / 2016

We are so proud to tell you about our new collaboration with Resene paints! Continue reading

Sep / 30 / 2015
Enews Atlanta header1

The classics never go out of style – they just evolve! Continue reading

Jul / 17 / 2015

Buy the August issue of Better Homes & Gardens, and look for the Four Families promotion page 182. You could win a Four Families blind makeover worth $7000  

Jun / 15 / 2015

Some of the biggest trends that we saw emerging were worn, aged and distressed textures and patterns Continue reading

Mar / 05 / 2015

Four Families was front and centre recently when new home renovation series, The Home Team, aired. Continue reading

Nov / 25 / 2014

Congratulations to one of our favourite blind industry stalwarts, Lessel Davis, recently nominated for the Blind Manufacturers Association of Australia Hall of Fame. Continue reading

Sep / 25 / 2014

After a year of setting up its operations in New Zealand, Four Families will proudly present its collections to the local New Zealand design community. Continue reading

Sep / 11 / 2014

Four Families made its big screen debut last week! We were lucky to be a part of filming for an upcoming Network Ten home renovation show, The Home Team. Continue reading

Sep / 02 / 2014

Here is a glimpse of our little Four Families life. A glimpse into our world of textile love and textile design. Continue reading

Aug / 26 / 2014

Four Families launches its much anticipated St Lucia Collection Continue reading

Jun / 13 / 2014
Dieline (2)

Four Families was recently acknowledged for its creative approach to branding, fabric swatch and sample packaging. Continue reading

Jun / 05 / 2014

Introducing Part Two in our making sense of weaving jargon series. Continue reading

May / 08 / 2014
fabric thred

The textiles world may be a jargon landmine to some of you at home. Today we try and make it a little easier by breaking down some of the common textile words and concepts that you may have stumbled across. Continue reading

Apr / 16 / 2014

You usually need a crystal ball to see in to the future but our designers here at Four Families know exactly what’s popular in 2014/2015. Continue reading

Feb / 21 / 2014

Each month one of our staff members will pick their Four Families favourite. From all walks of life, varying nationalities and creative backgrounds, one of our diverse employees will choose one fabric from our collection that they love and works well with their home life and interior look. Continue reading

Feb / 20 / 2014

Four Families new fabric library is the perfect tool to choose from one of our 17 designs. Beautifully presented, with an organic integrity, the fabric library features seven new Four Families designs. Continue reading

Feb / 18 / 2014
Roman blinds in bedroom

Most of us every day punters wouldn’t have the slightest clue in to what’s involved in choosing the perfect blind for our home. Four Families has attempted to solve this first-world problem by creating a clear, simple “How to choose your Blind Fabric” guide book. Continue reading

Feb / 14 / 2014

Four Families…. What comes to mind when you hear the name Four Families? We’re sure it’s not a blind fabric company, but to us Four Families represents everything this blind fabric company is about! Continue reading

Feb / 12 / 2014

Design inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. We talked to Four Families textile designer, Maya Vivian to find out how natural wonders and organic occurrences inspired Four Families newest designs. Continue reading

Feb / 10 / 2014

Geometry as a concept may be age-old but geometric patterns within home interiors is proving to be quite modern and contemporary. Four Families’ new collection takes a modern spin on this long lasting trend. Continue reading