Feb / 12 / 2014
An Organic Approach

Design inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. We talked to Four Families textile designer, Maya Vivian to find out how natural wonders and organic occurrences inspired Four Families newest designs. Continue reading

By: Sherryn Bennett - Updated on: June 4, 2014

Question: Where do you look for inspiration when designing Four Families fabrics?

Answer: Nature and the natural elements played a big part in the design process of our new collection. Our Katoomba, Cirrus and Cumulus designs are a way for us to bring organic influenced designs into the home without being too literal. The subtle textures and patterns created by nature lend themselves beautifully to being translated in to interior textiles without being too flamboyant or obvious.

Question: Tell us some more on each of the three new fabric designs and the vision behind them.

Answer: A trip to the Blue Mountains motivated me to create an undulating stripe design which is now known as our Katoomba fabric. The wavy lines on the horizon created by the mountains, as well as the beautiful light at sunrise, had a huge influence in the patterns of Katoomba. The weave structure is quite technical to achieve such a unique pattern. Cirrus too has an understated nature influence and is based on river pebbles made rounded by running water, while Cumulus was inspired by the patterns created on rain-streaked glass.

Question: What do you love most about these three new designs?

Answer: I love that each of these fabrics has broad appeal, yet carries a unique story behind each of their textures and patterns.

Maya, Four Families textile designer
Maya, Four Families textile designer