Feb / 21 / 2014
Staff Pick – Four Families Favourite

Each month one of our staff members will pick their Four Families favourite. From all walks of life, varying nationalities and creative backgrounds, one of our diverse employees will choose one fabric from our collection that they love and works well with their home life and interior look. Continue reading

By: Ben Herrgott - Updated on: June 4, 2014

Our first Four Families Favourite comes from our PR Co-ordinator, Sherryn Bennett. As a young mother of two growing school kids, Sherryn tells us why she likes our robust Zaru blind fabric the best.

“I love Zaru because it still gives you the smart, clean and contemporary lines of a blind but with an extra touch of decorative interest. The fabric is textured as it mixes two colours in to the coating of the yarn, creating an interesting effect – it makes you want to touch it. Zaru looks great in modern interiors, like the look I’m trying to achieve in my home. It’s not just the look of Zaru that I like though, but the fact that it helps in keeping the heat out. With the hotter weather we’re having I think it’s important to help the house cool and to help keep things like our precious floor boards from fading. The floor boards have a tough enough time with two skateboarding kids and a scratching puppy!”

Zaru is available in six versatile colours and is suitable for roller blinds, roman blinds and panel glides.

PR Co-ordinator, Sherryn Bennett
PR Co-ordinator, Sherryn Bennett