May / 08 / 2014
The weaving world debunked

The textiles world may be a jargon landmine to some of you at home. Today we try and make it a little easier by breaking down some of the common textile words and concepts that you may have stumbled across. Continue reading

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By: Maya Vivian - Updated on: May 16, 2014

Weaving Terms

Warp: The warp is the set of threads that run lengthwise from top to bottom of a fabric. They are held under tension on the loom to enable the weaving process.

Weft: The weft is the set of threads that is drawn through the warp to create the cloth. The order that these weft threads are drawn through creates the pattern of the cloth.

Ends: Each individual warp thread is referred to as a warp end, or end.

Picks: A pick refers to an individual weft yarn weaving into the warp threads. The density of the fabric is dependent on the number of ends and picks per centimeter of fabric.