Feb / 14 / 2014
Why Four Families?

Four Families…. What comes to mind when you hear the name Four Families? We’re sure it’s not a blind fabric company, but to us Four Families represents everything this blind fabric company is about! Continue reading

By: Sherryn Bennett - Updated on: June 4, 2014

Why Four Families? Coming up with a company name is like designing a new logo – the options are endless and there is not really a right or a wrong, it’s just a matter of the new name growing on you. The moniker Four Families was chosen for our reinvigorated blinds division to represent the strong heritage behind the brand. We’re not just a new label starting afresh we come from a stable of like-minded brands that has had great success in the business for many years.

Four Families former self, Filigree Blinds, came from Filigree which was originally started by four long established Scottish family owned companies {Ah that’s where the Four Families comes from I hear you say!} back in the 1960’s. This family owned consortium was one of the largest mergers in the history of the lace industry. Together they shared over 200 years of lace-making experience concentrated in the home furnishings market.

From lace to great quality blind fabrics, Four Families reflects our authenticity. We think the name seems to relate more to beautiful products for the home, rather than confusing technical industry jargon – what do you think?

Four Families Lace family owned consortium